Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball with PCGB Shield

For golfers looking to shoot their best scores - the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball provides total performance from tee to green with penetrating flight and very soft feel.  Pack of 3 x PCGB logo golf balls

£21.00 -


GBP 21.00
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17% Thinner Cast Urethane Elastomer TM  cover system delivers more ball speed.

New casing layer increases ball speed and lowers long game.

New 2.0 ZG Process core formulated for increased distance.

Sperically-Tiled 352 Tetrahedral dimple design delivers pentrating, consistant flight.

Each of the three golf balls comes with the Porsche Club Great Britain shield logo as shown in the image.

Total price: £21.00

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