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Porsche Boxster The 986 Series 1996 - 2004

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Porsche Boxster The 986 Series 1996 - 2004
By Brian Long
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The definitive history of the entire Porsche 986-series Boxster, including an overview of all the models sold in each of the world's major markets. Packed full of information, with contemporary illustrations sourced from the factory, this book provides the perfect guide for enthusiasts, historians, and those seeking authenticity.

Whilst generating a huge amount of interest when shown as a concept car in 1993, buyers had to wait until 1996 for the production version of the Boxster. In true Porsche tradition, the model was subjected to a programme of continuous development and allowed to evolve, with increasingly sportier versions following year after year. Told by a leading marque authority, this is the definitive story of Porsche's affordable roadster from prototype stage to 2004, the year which signalled the end of the original 986 series. The work is illustrated with factory-sourced images and details of the cars sold in all the major markets.

  • Stunning, contemporary photography – almost all in colour
  • Year-by-year coverage of all the production models
  • World markets reviewed, giving a true picture of the cars available
  • Written with the full co-operation of the factory
  • Serves as an invaluable guide to these increasingly collectable cars
  • Written by an acknowledged motoring historian
  • Contains detailed appendices
  • Comprehensive colour and trim guides included
  • Comes with concise buyers' guide section
  • Written by a long-term Porsche owner and enthusiast
Author - Brian Long
Hardback - 25 x 25 cm
160 pages - 201 pictures
ISBN: 9781845848040

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