Porsche 944

Porsche 944

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The definitive history of the 944 by an acknowledged expert. The 944 was introduced in time for the 1982 model year to fill the gap between the 924 and 928, and quickly became the fastest-selling Porsche of all time. Production of the 944 series ended in mid-1991, when the 968 took the model’s place in the Porsche line-up.

This book is the definitive history of the Porsche 944, wiritten by an acknowledged expert.

From drawing board, through Turbo, S and soft-top variants, here is the full story of the 944 up to its replacement by the 968 in 1991. Affordable, durable and with excellent performance and handling, the 944 is now well established as a desirable and practical classic.

*   The definitive history of the internationally popular Porsche 944 in all its forms from 1982 to 1991
*   Once the fastest selling Porsche ever, the 944 has now become established as a useable & affordable classic
*   Includes expert advice on buying & restoring
*   Illustrations acquired with the full assistance of Porsche

Author : Brian Long
Paperback - 20.7 x 25 cm
192 pages - 190 pictures
ISBN: 9781787111356

Postage : UK free of charge

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