Porsche 924

Porsche 924

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Replacing the 914 as the entry-level model, the new 924, with its front-mounted, water-cooled engine, represented a bold – some thought heretical – break with Porsche design tradition. Given its price and specification, the original 924 offered good performance allied to safe and sure-footed handling. The Turbo model, introduced at the end of 1978, gave to the 924 the sparkling performance expected of a Porsche. The 924 has an impressive record on the race tracks of the world; it made appearances in the Monte Carlo and Safari Rallies too, while the Carrera GT, then the GTS and GTR, kept alive the great Porsche tradition of proving its models in competition. Eventually, the 924 Turbo gave way to the 944, but the normally-aspirated 924 carried on into the summer of 1988, by which time it was fitted with the 2.5-litre engine from the 944, and known as the 924S. In the past the 924 was often underrated, but nowadays enthusiasts appreciate the car’s performance, build quality, practicality and affordability.

This book records the full history of the Porsche 924, including its motorsport involvement, from inception until the end of production.

Author - Brian Long
Paperback - 20.7 x 25 cm 
192 pages -  pictures
ISBN: 9781845849771

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