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Classic Additions Super Soft Stretch Indoor cover

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These super soft, super stretchy indoor car covers are the ideal solution for those seeking a fitted car cover look without the expense of a fully bespoke made cover.
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The Lycra blended, satin fabric allows the cover to cling to the car whilst its subtle sheen gives an elegant finish. Tightly knitted fabric provides excellent protection from dust and other pollutants as well as remaining breathable to prevent any build-up of condensation forming on the car.

The snug fit of these covers ensures that they not only look great but also provide exceptional protection. Low profile seams guarantee a sleek finish whilst displaying the contours and profile of your car.

Size Guide - 

XS - 356
S - Most 911s, 928, 944, 968, Boxsters, Caymans
M - 996, 997s and later
L - GT3 RS, GT2, GT3
XXL - Macan, Panamera
4x4 - Cayenne

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