Tyre Trainers

A pair of tyre trainers - Currently unavailable but new stock arriving soon.

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GBP 16.50
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  • Prevents flat spots on tyres
  • Reduces side wall cracking on older tyres
  • Slot together design for use on wider profile tyres
  • Suitable for cars, trailers, caravans etc
  • Possible garage stop position markers

Manufactured from tough plastic the rugged curved shape is designed for eliminating the flat spots on tyres. Vehicles that are not used regularly damage their tyres causing flat spots that can take many miles to iron out when the vehicle is eventually driven. Storing the car on the tyre trainers will stop any flat spots forming which in turn will lengthen their life. Less bulging of the sidewall reduces the potential for cracks and eliminates the need to jack up a vehicle when putting it away for the winter months. For tyres over 205 profile we recommend slotting two tyre trainers together.. The tyre trainer can also be used as a marker for parking a car in the correct position in a tight garage as corner holes allow it to be screwed in place.

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Total price: £16.50

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