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997 Techical FAQs

List of technical articles and FAQ's - Click the link to be taken to the topic.

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Baby Seats
Battery charger/conditioner
Battery Replacement
Carbon Ceramic Brakes manufacture
Car Washing Product
Centre Lock wheels: early discussions
Centre Lock wheels Removal and Replacement
Certificates of Authenticity
Chassis tuning
Checking oil level
Cleaning Radiators -
Connecting Iphone via Bluetooth:-
Corrosion Prevention -
CTEK Battery Conditioners -
Cylinder bore scoring -
Dashboard Rattles -
French Road Toll Tags -
Fine mesh for air intakes -
Four wheel chassis alignment -
Fuel Tank Capacity -
Getting 10% discount-
Handling Traits -
Hardtop or Convertible? -
Head lamp HID Gen 1 Euro Headlamp switchover -
Headlamp dynamic Gen 2 Euro switchover -
High Pressure Fuel Pump Failure -
Hooting and cracking brake discs -
Iphone 4 to Iphone 5 conversion -󓜫
Left Foot Braking -
Motor Insurance -
Online operating manual -
Making MP3 CD for PCM -
Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tyres and 'N' rating -
Oil levels -󂑚
Parts Catalogue -
PCM Questions -
PCM Replacement Multi media connection cable󓠊
PCM Seven Digit Postcodes -
PCM Upgraded reset WARNING!󎸛
PDK & Centre Console Removal -
PDK Discussion -
Preparing for winter -
Protective (stone chip) film -󒪙
Radiator Protection -
Radiators - alternative supplier -󔥧
Rear seat removal -
Recalls - Check what's due for ALL models -
Rennline Pedals -
Running In -
Side Lights converting to LEDs/Xenons -
Suspension upgrades with Bilstein + GMG -
TPMS - Alternative supplier -󎋩
Turbo Actuators - loss of power
Two-way radio communications -󕺳
Tyres: Bridgestones and Michelins -
997 Turbo tuning -
111 Point Check Sheet -󐜖


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