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26 Jul 2021

August PP column

This month's PP Column from your 997 Register

Well, restrictions are slowly being eased and we can now see the light, literally as I write, as it has stopped raining from being a very wet May. My first PCGB run out was over to Whitby with R7 for their annual fish and chip run.  The forecast looked very poor, but the weather held out and kept dry, so we could enjoy the stunning roads over the North York Moors.

My own 997 Carrera 2 is now due an MOT and service at the beginning of June, I will let you know how it got on, although I do not foresee any major issues (famous last words!).
High mileage
I know the Register has talked about high mileage before, however, member Sean Finch has contacted me. Sean uses his 997.1 C2 as a daily driver and has now covered over 222,000 miles, and says it is still amazing. Well done that man! If there was ever any doubt about the usability of a 997, speak to Sean! He had what we think is a cam sensor issue, hopefully our diagnosis was correct, and the problem is fixed.
Spring break
At the other end of the scale, Graham Owlett contacted me to explain his story of both rear springs breaking on his 2005 C2 - both within an hour of each other and whilst the car was stood on his drive! 
A couple of weeks ago circa 6am, I was just waking up and heard what sounded like an airgun going off followed by a 15-second car alarm.Same again at circa 7am, so I got up and looked out of the window but did not identify any of the two cars in the drive, one being my 997, as the culprit!

When I drove off later in the morning I heard what sounded like something being dragged beneath the car, so I got out and had a good look underneath from all angles but nothing appeared amiss.Standing back away from the car to assess matters I noticed that the car was sitting back on its haunches, low into the rear wheel arches.

I rang Northway who I use and, after my description of the events, they identified the problem as two broken rear springs, saying that in carrying the weight of the engine they can be vulnerable in later years. However, it is unusual for both to fail within an hour of each other! I had the car transported to them and three days later picked up with the new springs fitted. It now handles like a dream!I did ask whether the front springs would be next to fail and was advised this would be highly unlikely.

Nick Bilsborrow’s 997

Nick Bilsborrow, who is new to the Register after purchasing his beautiful 997.1 Carrera 2 finished in Basalt Black, has also been in touch. Welcome Nick and enjoy!
Happy 997 driving everyone, and keep safe!

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