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13 April 2024

RESERVE LIST - 992 Register - Porsche Centre Wolverhampton & RAF Cosford

The RAF Cosford Museum is home to over 75 historic aircraft including the world’s oldest Spitfire, the unique TSR2 and the mighty Vulcan bomber to name but a few. You can discover a world-class collection of aircraft and artefacts displayed inside three wartime hangars and within the award-winning National Cold War Exhibition.

The 992 Register have been allocated special parking between the National Cold War Exhibition and the Test Flight and War in the Air Hangars. Obviously, a prime spot for many unique photo opportunities.

The ‘Highlights tour’ we will be having will take 1½ hours and will comprise of visits to the following areas.

  • Bomber Command Tour - ‘Strike Hard, Strike Sure: Bomber Command 1939–1945' is the latest permanent exhibition and marks the 80th anniversary of the famous ‘Dambusters’ raid. Featuring the newly restored Vickers Wellington bomber, Guy Gibson’s Victoria Cross, and new arrival the Bristol Blenheim, discover how the RAF’s Bomber Command took the war to the enemy. The new interactive displays tell the wider Bomber Command story, exploring stories of the crew, technology and raids that were crucial to Allied victory.
  • National Cold War Exhibition Tour - A unique insight into the history of the Cold War and the RAF Museum’s Cold War exhibition. Explore the immense threat posed to world peace and security during this significant period of the 20th Century.  View our unique display including the V Bombers: the Vulcan, Victor and Valiant.
  • Battle of Britain Tour - Home to the world’s oldest Spitfire, Cosford’s War in the Air Hangar houses a collection of both British and German aircraft from the Battle of Britain era. The Spitfire forms the centre piece of the display, where the RAF’s frontline fighters, the Spitfire, Hurricane, Gladiator and Defiant are showcased with their German rival the Me 109, to tell a coherent story.

Costs for the complete visit, including allocated 992 Parking, and Coffee following the Tour at RAF Cosford will be £15.00 per person.

The first 20 cars who book will be able to display their car within the unique 992 Register parking area, any arriving after that may have to use the general parking area.

Click HERE to book. There are limited places available so please let us have your entry as soon as possible.

Schedule of Event
09:00am – Meet at Porsche Wolverhampton for Coffee
10:30am – Depart for RAF Cosford (approx. 10 miles)
11:00am – Arrival at RAF Cosford – Parking in ‘Porsche 992’ Designated Area
11:30am – Museum Tour which will take approximately 1 ½ hours.
1:30pm – Coffee (included) and/or Lunch (extra) in the Airfield Café plus a chance to view the whole Museum site and shop for the remainder of the day.

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