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The 3.2 Speedster was produced in 1989 primarily at request of American market to give a new model to invigorate sales. It was built on a 911 Turbo body using standard 3.2 Carrera mechanicals with Turbo brakes and suspension. The hood is officially known as a 'rain hat' with original purchasers having to sign disclaimer against leaks. The front screen is unique to the car (as are side screens) being lower and more raked than the standard car. The car has no rear seats, the space behind the front seats being enclosed by a fibre glass clamshell with the distinctive 'double bubble' shape. A total production of 2104 cars were produced, of this 129 were right hand drive, only 64 of which were imported into the UK. A total of 171 were produced in narrow bodies with only 10 designated RHD, we do not have breakdown of UK totals in this number. The model was superseded in 1992 with the introduction of the 964 Speedster.

This retained the overall design with subtle modifications, the screen could no longer be simply unbolted, and the soft top was modified to improve operation. This again was powered by the carryover mechanicals from the 964 Carrera 2 with its improved 3.6 twin plug engine. All cars were narrow bodied, although it is believed the ‘Sonderwunsch’ special wishes department did produce some 20 turbo bodied to order. Total numbers produced were 936 cars. of which 427 were destined for North America, with approximately 12 cars coming to the UK.
A design study was introduced on the 993 with 2 cars being produced, this did not go into production with only Ferdinand Porsche and the US comedian Jerry Seinfeld being the only ones in existence. It is believed the Seinfeld car was delivered as a targa or cabriolet and then sent back for conversion.
Porsche introduced a 997 version of the Speedster building a total of 356 units all with the PDK transmission and 3.8 powerkit version of the 997 engine. The roof is power operated. A total of 19 cars have been imported into the UK.
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