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993 Carrera RS

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Welcome to the 993 Carrera RS Register

The 993 Carrera RS Register covers the Carrera RS, a lightweight variant of the standard 993 Carrera. It features a naturally aspirated 3.8 litre engine developing 300 hp and was produced in model years 1995 and 1996. Outside the model is distinguished by its non-retractable rear wing, small front flaps, no headlamp washers and 3-piece 18” aluminium wheels. Inside there are special racing seats, no rear seats, spartan door cards and minimal sound proofing.

The Register also covers the track-oriented Carrera RS Club Sport version (also marketed as the RSR in some countries). The Club Sport came equipped with a welded roll cage and certain comfort features such as carpets, power windows, air conditioning and radio were deleted. Externally it can be distinguished by its larger rear wing and deeper chin spoiler than was fitted the standard RS.

Amongst the Register's members are several motorsport and track enthusiasts. As well as being socially active, the Register provides valuable technical support and helpful advice for owners.


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