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Welcome to the 993 Register

The 993 Register covers 911 models marketed between late 1993 and early 1998, replacing the previous type 964.

The 993 reinvented the concept and philosophy of the 911. Always an interim model while the 'new generation' Boxster and 996 models were in development, the 993 nonetheless succeeded beyond Porsche's wildest dreams. Success came as a result of its curvaceous good looks, new rear suspension and remarkable build quality

Decades on, the appeal of the 993 is also boosted because it represents the last 911 series to be powered by an air cooled flat-6, the seemingly bullet proof Mezger Motor (after the design engineer who laid out the original power unit back in 1963).

With well over 800 owners belonging to the Register, it is a very active Register with members finding every opportunity to drive their cars, gather at meets and get on track. It has a huge collective knowledge-base amongst the members who are dedicated to helping fellow members with maintenance and service advice, overcome technical issues and the challenges of owning this classic Porsche.

993 Buyers' Guide

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Mark’s interest in Porsche cars started at age 17 when he managed to secure a cleaning job at the local car garage that happened to sell Saab and Porsche. Mark has been a member of PCGB since 1992


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26 Oct 2024

RNLI Baton Challenge Finale Dinner

RNLI Baton Challenge Finale Dinner to celebrate the end of the 2024 993 Baton challenge in aid ...

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