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Often identified as one of Porsche’s best kept secrets, the 968 embodies a well balanced car with superb handling and brakes. It was manufactured in the early nineties, and followed on from the 944, similarly configured with a front engine rear wheel drive with gearbox at rear of car. The last of the front engined Porsches of the eighties and nineties and the most finely honed incorporating the best of the earlier models. Two body styles coupe and cabriolet, the standard 968 was almost identical to the Sport model and Club Sport the main difference being the Club Sport was slightly lightened by removing electric windows, electric seats etc and the Sport fitted in between the standard car and the CS. Mechanically all three models were almost identical with engines producing the same power.

Tiptronic / auto transmission was available on the standard model which incidentally had creature comforts like leather seats and more sound deadening. The big 3 litre four cylinder engine had more torque than earlier front engine cars, and with a six speed manual gearbox was reckoned to be one of the best cars around in the nineties, the “track “ type Club Sport was originally intended as a car to drive to a race meeting, compete, and then drive home, whereas the Sport was a road version.

968s generally have been described as one of the best handling Porsches prior to some of the current models. Values have lagged behind the early air cooled cars but slowly they are moving upwards and with low volume production the remaining numbers are getting less. Often identified as one of Porsche’s best kept secrets the 968 embodies a well balanced car with superb handling and brakes. Various updates are now available like suspension, engine chips and brake mods, however value for money the 968 ticks all the boxes.

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