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The 964 is the internal designation for this generation of the 911 and was built between 1988 and 1993. The 964 was a more modern and comfortable evolution of the 911 while maintaining its classic design. The most prominent design changes at the exterior were the new front and rear bumpers which were controversial at the time.

The main technical innovations introduced with the 964 platform included standard power steering and ABS and an optional all-wheel drive system derived from the Porsche 959 supercar. Improved aerodynamics included the front and rear bumper, redesigned underbody covers and for the Carrera and Speedster versions a new rear spoiler which automatically extends at speeds above 50 mph. The 964 therefore achieved a very good drag factor of 0.32 allowing the standard Carrera 2 with 250bhp to run at 162mph, the same top speed as the earlier 911 turbo (930) with its additional 50bhp.

The Porsche 964 was available in Carrera 2, Carrera 4, Carrera RS, Carrera RS America, Carrera RS 3.8, Speedster, Turbo, Turbo 3.6 and Turbo S versions, as well as some exclusive variants produced in smaller numbers such as the ultra rare 1994 Turbo S Flatnose model, of which only 76 cars were produced worldwide.

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