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08 Dec 2017

Oulton Park – Round 3

Once again I entered my 928 S4 into the Club’s Trackday at Oulton Park in early November. 

Once again I entered my 928 S4 into the Club’s Trackday at Oulton Park in early November. This was my third consecutive year and apart from some initial nerves, because the track was still wet until late morning, it was really enjoyable.

There were only two 928s, the other one belonging to Andrew Brierley in his red 1991 GT. I rate pre-car trackday checks as important, so it’s easy to look at water, oil and tyre pressures and brakes - which had been renewed since last time. In addition since last year I had changed the brake fluid over to the high temperature version and took along a spare can of the fluid. Last year I had boiled the fluid near the end of the session!

This gradual learning curve has included arriving with a three quarters full fuel tank, so as to avoid frequent trips to the restricted on site fuel pumps.  Another point for me was to remember to count off six or seven laps maximum, before coming into the pits to cool off and relax the brain cells. The moment you lose concentration on track is when you spin the car or run very wide.

I can say that Steve Kevlin, the Club’s Motorsport Manager does make it quite clear to all drivers that “rules are rules” on track and as far as I am concerned everybody does obey them and drives within their limits.

Most 911s are faster than a 928 but at no time do you feel intimidated but you will be regularly overtaken. You should however keep an eye on your mirrors to let them fly past and remain smug that the 928 always has a better cornering balance!

I “commend this day out to the House! “ It brings a big smile to your face on every lap.

David Hemmings, 928 Register Secretary 

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