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28 May 2017

40th Anniversary display at Brooklands

Our 40th Anniversary celebration of the 928 at Brooklands Museum in Surrey is fast approaching. Visit their website here to see the latest progress on their £3 million expenditure of Lottery funding, due to be completed just before we arrive.

Join in the fun of taking your car onto the Members banking for a historical picture of what we hope will be well over 100 cars. General Parking is free, and will be specially organized into model groups, so do give your car that extra polish this winter and meet with us during this Bank Holiday weekend.

Admission is £11 per adult, £10 for seniors and £6 for children over 6. Food will be available over lunch time along with a special presentation by two of the people closely involved with the car, in the UK, during the time when the car was in current production. Further details will be made available nearer the time.

We will shortly be asking you to reserve a place in advance. Parking in Model groups is one of the keys to your enjoyment, but it will need masterful planning to work easily on the day. Already booked in are the services of a specialist in Porsche photography; Steve Mummery, former Editor of Porsche Post. 

We want to achieve maximum effect on the day. Does anybody know how to guarantee the sunshine? The clue is in the date I guess.

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