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Welcome to the 924 Register

The Porsche 924 Register covers all 924 models with the exception of the 924 Carrera GT variants.

Manufactured from 1976 to 1988, the front-engined water-cooled 924 was a 2-door, 2+2 coupé that replaced the earlier 914 as Porsche’s entry-level sports car. Whilst not the first front-engined water-cooled Porsche (the 928 holds that distinction), it was the first Porsche car to have the option of a fully automatic gearbox.

First launched in late 1975 in France, the 924 sold well globally with over 150,000 units produced until it was eventually replaced by the 944 in 1988. Contrary to what some motoring critics said in the past because of its power plant and transmission configuration, the 924 was a ‘real’ Porsche and made a huge financial contribution to Porsche’s operation, allowing the company to continue to develop and manufacture its flagship model, the 911, through a particularly challenging decade. The 924's 'conventional' front-engine layout was undoubtedly responsible for winning Porsche many customers who considered the rear-engined 911 challenging to drive and somewhat lairy to look at.

Much of the charm of the 924 is its enduring design, mechanical robustness and classic simplicity. As it did when it was first launched, the car makes an ideal first step into Porsche ownership. The Register therefore has a large dedicated following of members of all ages and backgrounds. As well as being socially active, the Register provides valuable technical support and helpful advice for current and potential owners of this appealing car.

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