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The 914 Register covers all models of 914-4 and 914-6. The 914 model was a joint venture between Volkswagen and Porsche, introduced in the autumn of 1969 and sold in North America as a Porsche and in the rest of the World as a VW-Porsche.

Until the 1972 model year the 914 was available with a choice of two different engines: a 1.7 litre four cylinder Volkswagen Type 4 unit with Bosch D-jetronic fuel injection or a 2.0 litre six cylinder 911 T unit with twin treble choke Weber carburettors. The 1.7 was known as a 914-4 and the 2.0 was known as a 914-6.

The 914-6 was discontinued a third of the way through the 1972 model year. From August 1972 a new four cylinder with Bosch D-jetronic 2.0 litre engine was introduced alongside the 1.7 litre and they were know as the 914 1.7 and 914 2.0. From August 1973 the 1.7 litre engine was replaced with a 1.8 litre engine fitted with L-jetronic fuel injection for North America and for Europe the 1.8 litre engine was fitted with two twin choke Solex carburettors, both were known as a 914 1.8.

From August 1974 the steel bumper irons were replaced with rubber bumpers; for North America they were impact bumpers and for the rest of the world they were plan rubber bumpers. From August 1975 the 914 1.8 was discontinued and production ceased at the beginning of 1976.

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