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The origins of the Porsche 912 lie in a ‘stop gap’ merger between the then newly announced 911 and the previous 356 series. According to rumour, the 911 was not well received by its American market - it was regarded as too expensive - and in order to safeguard sales Porsche decided to produce the 902 (later the 912) to run in tandem with the 911. The decision was to use the 911 body with suitable modifications to the rear to accomodate a detuned 356C engine. The first 912 was introduced in April 1965 for the home market and September 1965 for the USA market. Only 30,000 models were built over this time scale. 

Throughout the production run, 912s were either built by both Porsche and Karmann in Osnabruck. In 1976, the 912E with the Porsche 914 flat four fuel injected engine was produced, described by contemporary road reports as an ‘economy 911’ mainly due to its better fuel consumption, although there were some economies to internal details as well. (But then it was introduced at the same time as the 911 Carrera!) The performance and handling of the 912 was remarkably good due to its 4 cylinder powerplant being lighter than the 6 cylinder 911 unit.

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