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24 Apr 2024

May news

This month's news from your 356 Register

As I write in late March the driving season is at last gaining some momentum. There are several 356 projects nearing completion in various workshops across the country, and quite a few of the hard-core of regularly used cars undergoing some fettling in time for the mammoth trip to Portugal in early May.

Three UK RHD 356s out in the wild. All photos courtesy of @VonDirk

The first ‘event’ is Richard’s now traditional and much-loved Spring Drive. Unfortunately, the copy deadline for this column falls a couple of days before the drive, so you’ll read about it next time. Richard, Alex Nash and I did make it out to the Legends Drivers Club coffee meet at Westerham Brewery on the last Sunday in March (@legends_drivers_club on Insta). Legends is an all-Porsche meet, and there was a very smart 992 Dakar in attendance with all the necessary adventure kit (unused) on the roof.

Westerham Brewery for the Legends Drivers Club meet

Alex stole the show in his 1959 A coupé though. His car was serviced, clean, packed to the gunnels with kit and complete with skis on the rear luggage rack! None of this was for show though – straight after coffee Alex was headed for the ferry and will take a few days to tour the French back roads down to the Côte D’Azur. From there it’s into the Alps in his trusty 356 and a week’s skiing with friends, before looping back for home. Hopefully we’ll be able to share some pictures in the next column.

Alex Nash's '59 ready for his ski trip

Alex Nash's '59 ready for his ski trip

If you haven’t already, dig that 356 out and get on the road! Remember, 356-ing is good for the soul.

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