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Welcome to the 356 Register

The Porsche Club Great Britain owes its very existence to the small group of 356 enthusiast owners who started the Club with an inaugural meeting at Chateau Impney in October 1961.
As the enthusiastic group of 356 owners who founded the Club and the automotive world recognised, the 356 was quite an exceptional car for many reasons, not least of these was its superb handling and driving qualities. Since the end of production in 1965, the worldwide 356 fraternity has continued to support and encourage enthusiasm for this “first Porsche” on the premise that not everyone’s idea of the perfect Porsche is a new one. And that had the 356 not been a notable success as a first production car then the subsequent achievements by Porsche on road and track may not have progressed so significantly. Since that time, the Club has grown from small beginnings to a membership of over twenty thousand owners and enthusiasts for all the different Porsche models.
This membership growth started with the advent of the 911 in 1964 when, even if the unprepossessing appearance of the 356SC’s replacement did not immediately appeal to most 356 owners, theirs was no longer the only Porsche model present in the Club.
Subsequently, with the introduction of further model types by Porsche, the 356 owners in the Club became the first of a number of interest groups to focus on a specific model type by forming a 356 Register. The significant achievement was that the founding interest group kept their faith in their 356s without promoting exclusivity and the fledgling Porsche Club was allowed to grow into an umbrella organisation for diverse Porsche interest. The philosophy of promoting a club with unified interest groups proved something of a strength for PCGB during a period of continued growth.
The 356 register of Porsche Club Great Britain continues as it has done for many years now to act as a forum for owners and enthusiasts of the Zuffenhausen built 356 model types. The Register has much in common with other 356 enthusiast groups throughout Europe and overseas.
The Register emphasis is to promote enjoyment through driving the cars and, of course, helping would be owners with sound advice based upon experience. Such advice is freely available to any Club members seeking to purchase a car or to undertake restoration. There is an abundance of specialised knowledge and many years of experience to help the prospective, would-be owner avoid disappointment.

A more detailed history of the 356 Register can be found here.



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