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22 May 2023

An Evening at Caffeine & Machine

Given that previous meets at C&M have been very successful we are returning in 2023!

Ticket link:

C&M says:
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings (offer may differ depending on time of year) are all about car clubs in the Yard. Book in with us and we’ll reserve prominent parking for your club for the evening, creating a private event that your members can book via a unique link. This way, you’ll have the entire front of the site guaranteed for your club. We’re happy to accommodate up to 80 cars – just bear in mind that once parking in the Yard has been filled, we’ll have to ask any further members to park in the large car parks to the rear of the building. We remain open to the public for these events, but the Yard is set aside for you and your club members. Monday and Tuesday club evenings run from 5pm to 10pm, and tickets are £10 per car or £5 per bike with half of that price redeemable on food and drink.

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