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Region 13 Road Trip to The Land of Porsche

Region 13 Road Trip to The Land of Porsche

On Saturday, 19th September 2015 saw our departure to our first meeting venue at Tournehem sur Hem, just outside Calais, an ideal starting point giving us all plenty of options on travel types and times

The Sunday, our second day, was our first tour day with a travel destination for our overnight stay at Metz this facilitated a lunch stop at Laon, an attractive old walled town and a brief visit to Rheims.

Monday, into Germany and on to Stuttgart, about 185 driving miles, for a two night stay at the super hotel Zur Weinsteige on Hohenheimer Strasse. The hotel was fine with secured parking, sharing the garage space was the owners sons rare 964 3.6 Turbo. The thought in everyone’s mind for this section of tour was to find a piece of derestricted autobahn and “see what she’ll do”.

Tuesday, our fourth day was our eagerly anticipated day to visit the Porsche Museum and our factory tour. A fantastic day of watching new Porsches being built from scratch and drooling over the sublime cars in the museum.

Wednesday, the fifth and longest autobahn driving day, travelling to Zell am See in Austria, a lakeside town with castle and the family hometown of Porsche,  two nights in a lovely hotel with private beach ( owned by Porsche )

Thursday, Day 6 should have been another highlight of our tour, a visit to Berschesgarten (Hitler’s Eagles Nest), with some interesting engineering, fabulous views and a restaurant on top, well, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad, and even with the promised fabulous views masked in cloud the snow balling more than made up for it.

Friday,  Seventh day  was all set to travel to Gmund earlier than we did, where the first Porsches were made and with a small museum (in a wooden hut, but we don’t know if it is the original factory hut). Travel via the Grossglockern Pass  (getting to over 8000 feet), which Porsche used to test their early cars as it was between the factory and their home, about 85 miles .

All things changed when whilst at breakfast the second day at the Porsche hotel, a guy was telling us that he was entered in a time trial up the Grossglockner pass that was taking place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. As a result of this discussion we all decided to stop off and take a look. You would have loved it. To Porsche fans it was if you had died and gone to heaven. We all spent about an hour and a half looking around the cars and then went up the pass and parked at the top. The cars were only going up 14 kms of the hill and then coming back down. The road was closed for the competition periods. The weather at the bottom was fine but the authorities had ploughed the snow at the top (about 2-3 feet deep) and we walked down to the last 2 bends to watch them coming up. As you can see from the photos, it was thick mist at the top and 2 degrees C.


Saturday, Our final day, choices! Choices!, scatter for home or holiday – north thro’ Germany then east thro’ Belgium; west to Bavaria then north west thro France (the route Napoleon?);  stay in Austria; travel south to Croatia or south west to Italy – plenty of choices!

Our sincere thanks to Ian and Lesley Crosskell for all their hard work, time and energy in putting together this year’s tour. The region thrives on members as these, with both commitment and passion, bringing fellow members and partners together.


France Germany and Austria gallery contains 18 images and is part of the PCGB Hereford, Worcester & Shropshire region activities from December 2015

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