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27 Aug 2018

August Bank Holiday Drive

Summary and photos  of the August bank Holiday drive. Photos courtesy of Daniel Valla

August bank holiday drive of the Big Pit at Blaenavon.
Route prepared by Roger and Sahra Pearce
26 cars gathered at the car park of Tredegar Park Newport, where Tulip diagrams of the route were handed out.
Once the instructions were received, the cars made their way to the underground Big Pit tour at Blaenavon, to be there for 1000hrs onwards.
The highlight of the visit was the hour-long underground tour, led by ex-miners, which took us down in the pit cage to walk through underground roadways, air doors stables, and engine houses built by generations of mineworkers. 

The tour highlighted the conditions the miners worked in, especially in the early days, where even 6 year old boys were employed down the pit as door boys.
From the big pit, the drive took us to a stop at Hay on Wye, where we explored the interesting town with its book shops for an hour.
From Hay On Wye, the route took us to Rolls golf club at Monmouth where we had afternoon tea, and a photo shoot of the cars outside the main building.
The drive was enjoyed by all, and thanks to Roger and ahra in their assistance in preparing the route.

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