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12 May 2020

Go karting evening


Provisional booking made for Tuesday 12 May, 6.30pm start.

A grand prix would only suitable for say 20 drivers. If  we get 40 as in 2019,  this would take three hours, with quite a bit of standing around.
For the moment I have booked 30 mins practice and a 90-minute endurance. On this basis 10 teams of four can be accommodated comfortably. This can be changed at any stage according to the number of confirmed entries.
A special discount rate of £30/ driver has been negotiated (would normally cost £40/ driver). At £30 this is very good value hence the option of adding a little on top to generate a charitable donation. Sunset on 12 May is 8.57 pm, so the race would end at about the same time. The circuit does have lighting should we run over.

There will be a challenge cup in memory of Charles HO


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