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25 Oct 2023

Andy and Angie's Vacation

National Lampoon Euro Vacation sequel

Andy and Angie Stirland recently completed a National Lampoon Euro Vacation sequel. - Being polite, UK roads aren’t the best. To get the most from our cars you must go overseas, but not that far. Our preferred route is overnight ferry Plymouth – Roscoff. This allows for a fresh start already on the Continent. Switzerland was 1st target via Annecy. Taking in as many mountain passes, conquering the usual suspects, had most fun at Susten with acoustic heaven near the top. Day trip to Piz Gloria etc. (007 fans). Sliding into Italy (the roads and driver habits deteriorated) we tackled the incredible Stelvio in a spirited fashion. Scooped up Siena, then the Spaniards home (Gladiator), went to pay our respects at Monte Cassino. Followed Amalfi coast road, explored Herculaneum. Finally trundled back into S.France taking in Cannes, St Tropez and Carcassonne, then homeward after the incredible memorial of Oradour-Sur-Glane.
Two weeks and 3800 miles. (Having undertaken a similar trip last year, we’d previously covered Le Mans, Normandy, Monaco, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Venice). You can’t do it all but as we like driving, we do see quite a bit. If you haven’t yet dared to venture out and enjoy what our cars were made for, you need to think again. It’s amazing. See you out there.
Cayman 981 2.7 PDK. 19” alloys. PASM (great for varied roads) and cruise.

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