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27 Sep 2018

PEC Silverstone

The winning bidders take to the track

This report from Judith Hands who attended the event

What a day we had, a delicious breakfast was followed by a 15 minute drive to Silverstone where half our party were introduced to their instructors for their 90 minutes of tremendous fun.  The rest of us looked at the great range of cars on display and watched the fun going on from the viewing area and generally chatted happily.   Then we swapped over.  Don (and most of the others) had a 911 and was delighted to have an instructor who was a racing driver trainer.  They had a really good time together and ate up the track.  My instructor Rick, was a highly experienced instructor with excellent methodology (I speak with some considerable knowledge of teachers and training) and took me through my paces in a Macan.  This included the kick plate and skid pan, the ice hill and the handling track.  This was my first experience of this kind of driving and my 90 minutes was truly worthwhile, even from the simple point of view of learning to become a better driver.  Needless to say, everyone overtook me frequently but I didn't care because I was having fun.  We had a super three course light lunch, well balanced and cooked by real professionals. 

The Porsche Experience Centre is beautifully designed, extremely comfortable and the extremely wide range of cars were in mint condition, spotless and sparkling.  I can hardly wait to go again and with all the others send our thanks for all the hard work and arrangements by those concerned.  It was well worth it.
Judith Hands

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