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12 Aug 2018

Mount Edgcumbe Classic

Fantastic day in the Cornish sunshine!

Roger Cole reports....

The Classic Car Show held at Mount Edgcumbe Country Park has been running for several years. I have heard good things about it but have never been. One or two independent club members regularly attend, so with the weather looking set for sun and more sun, I decided during the week leading up to the event to go along. After a quick call to the organiser to ask if we could have a club area and pitch the shelter and club flags, everything was set. With an early start on Sunday morning, (I had been advised to get to the site around 8am to avoid the build up of traffic through the country lanes) the drive across Cornwall was great.
The location for the show is a superb, "park like" setting with a beach, historic house and easy access to a foot ferry from Plymouth. Large numbers of visitors were expected and duly arrived. With help from another early arriving club member setting up the Porsche area was easy and then it was just a case of watching all the cars arrive. No-one  knew how many Porsches would attend, but by 10.30 there were a total of 8 cars on the stand. Not bad for a quick muster!

With someone manning the stand throughout the day, one or two enquiries came in for information on which Porsche was best to buy. It was also good to see other club members calling in to say hello and vowing to come along next year with their cars. This is one for the Region 15 calendar, I think?

The show site is a very large field with all the cars and clubs set out in avenues. The show was officially opened by Sheryll Murray MP (Conservative member for SE Cornwall), the Town Crier in Cornish hunting tartan and the Earl (Robert Charles Edgcumbe, 8th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe) in floppy hat and shorts. During the afternoon we were able to welcome Sheryll onto the stand, show her around the cars and get some photos. I think she was impressed with the cars.  We couldn't believe how many people came over from Plymouth via the ferry. The queue to get back later in the day was enormous.  I don't think they minded the wait as there had been so much to see and do, and of course the weather was spot on.

On guidance from the organiser, it was decided to wait until early evening to strip down the stand and leave for home. A one way system operates on the roads leading to the venue to get the vehicles in and out and with everyone trying to leave at the same time the build up can be quite bad. Our decision was vindicated as the trip home, with the roof down, passed without any holdups. A very pleasant end to a most enjoyable day - one definitely worth repeating."

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