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02 Aug 2016

Club night at PC Exeter

Another great evening

Around 100 members descended on PC Exeter who hosted our annual gathering with a splendid BBQ, drinks, quiz and sealed bid Auction.

The BBQ action was a bit on the slow side due to a breakdown (well, gas leak actually!) of the large griddle.  Despite this everyone enjoyed a great evening which was highlighted by the sealed bid auction.  The lots were very generously provided by the PC and consisted of places in 5 demonstrators, breakfast and tea at the centre and a drive out to a select lunch venue with the opportunity to sample all of the cars on extensive drives before and after lunch.  The 5 lots raised a staggering £1788 for the Children's Hospice SW charity, which we are currently supporting.

The Centre also provided a half day driving event at the Porsche Experience Centre, Silverstone for the quiz winner.

Many, many thanks to Centre Principal Kevin Turner and all his staff for their time and generosity.

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