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18 April 2019

Coffee, Cars, Chat and Cake

   We're holding the second of our new 4Cs(Coffee, Cake, Cars & Chat)  Meet'nDrinks sessions on Thurs 18th April at 11.00hrs at the Blue Whale Café in Ashby's of Salcombe, on the A381 between Malborough and Salcombe in South Devon. Breakfast is available until 11.45hrs, lunch from soon afterwards, with tea, coffee and cake available throughout. There's masses of free parking, plenty of room to socialise and if the weather is good, fine views to enjoy from the café verandah. Ashby's is also a large retail shed, so you can also satisfy any current needs from the garden, outdoors, deli or butcher's sections, if you wish. Remember this is just a simple turn-up session to meet with friends, and an opportunity to find your own interesting route there and back, a great excuse to go driving. It is Maundy Thursday, so an opportunity to get an interesting drive under your belt before the Easter rush clogs things up.  To get there, find your way to Kingsbridge, take the road to Salcombe ( A381). At the village of Malborough there's a sharp left bend by a garage, and about a mile further on Ashby's is the prominent retail building on the left-hand side.

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