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20 - 21 July 2024

Shelsley Walsh Classic Nostalgia

We have been invited to apply for early bird tickets for Classic Nostalgia evetn at Shelsley Walsh on 20-21 July 2024. Please read on for the information sent by the organisers.

We are delighted to hear that R16 would like to join us at Classic Nostalgia.

Early bird car club tickets are £15 per person, per day or £30 for the weekend if booked before the end of April. They then go up to £20 per day.

We have Porsche Club GB listed as a visiting Car Club to the website, which can be for all Regions: click HERE.

When members book, please ask them to click on to the ‘Car Club’ ticket option, and when they go thru to the next page, there’s a drop down to select ‘car club’. If they click Porsche Club GB it will ensure that they get the ticket at the discounted price, and I get to know how many are booked in for your Club.

If they are a member of the MAC, they will still need to apply for a Car Club pass, and can do so on the website, again selecting your Club name, for the zone in which to park. We can provide a dedicated area which you can pop up a gazebo, banners/feathered flagpoles.

Also, further event details are available on the Classic Nostalgia website HERE, which will be updated regularly.

We look forward to welcoming you to Classic Nostalgia.

Hope this is of some help. Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you all

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