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31 Mar 2017

January / February Report

Summary of some events during January and February.


The annual skittles challenge between R26 and the Woolbridge Motor Club took place at the end of January at Bloxworth VillageHall and after yet another close battle, despite the fact that it’s all treated as ‘just a bit of fun’ I’m pleased to announce that we were victorious! With a final tally of 195 to Woolbridge’s 188, in an impressive triple-whammy, we also recorded the highest personal score with Karl clocking up 19 over two rounds and Suzy achieving the near impossible feat of scoring a duck in round one by bowling three balls BETWEEN the skittles (if you think that’s easy I can assure you it’s not – give it a try). With an excellent buffet laid on by the staff at the village hall, drinks at very reasonable prices and a successful raffle in aid of Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance, everyone had a good time and went away looking forward to next year.

Scenic drive, treasure hunt and pub lunch

Organised by Geoff and Robin, the Dorset treasure hunt competitors woke to a dry and mild forecast and everyone managed to navigate their way to the George Albert Hotel in time for the scheduled 11.00 start. When Sharon and I arrived we were greeted with an unusually crowded car-park and with the Porsches hidden at the far end there were fleeting thoughts that perhaps we had the date wrong. Fortunately, when we entered the hotel the reason for the crowds became clear - the walls of the restaurants and function rooms were adorned with countless dart-boards, the Southern Counties Darts Championship was in full swing and the place was rammed with burley darts-types.

With route map and questions handed out by Geoff, after much discussion as to which way to turn out of the hotel (really!) it was time to set off. Two hours later, after a convoluted drive in search of answers to some devilish questions, the final finishers (a certain couple in a white Carrera 3.2…) arrived at the Coppleridge Inn where, with all driver / navigator combinations still appearing to be talking to each other, we settled down to a fine Sunday lunch interspersed with some amusing anecdotes including:-

The navigator (or map reader…) with map on lap, searching online for the definition of ‘chantry’ oblivious to the fact that they were travelling in completely the wrong direction.

The villager leaning on her fence who was confronted by so many inquiries from passengers in Porsches that before long, as soon as the passenger window started to drop and before the passenger had uttered a word, began asking ‘Post Box?’

The confused couple who followed a silver Boxster for several miles before realising that it wasn’t being driven by a participant and was travelling in completely the wrong direction!

Twenty-eight people (including several new faces who received the usual warm R26 welcome) took part and the top scores were 8/9 with Alistair and Jean, Steve and Marie, David and Kathryn equal top. We all had a great day and agreed that we shouldn’t leave it so long before the next one.         

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