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31 Oct 2015

October Monthly Report

Our monthly round up of events for Dorset region.

The monthly meeting in October included the talk from Haydn on advanced driving and we also had the pleasure of visiting Poole Accident Repair Centre to view both Porsche Centre Bournemouth and Porsche Centre Portsmouth’s classic project cars. Nick from Porsche Centre Bournemouth also brought along some exclusive offers from the Porsche Selection Range.

Advanced Driving talk by Haydn Wright

Despite his credentials I thought this was a brave subject to talk on by Haydn. Many of our members do not pull punches when challenging our speakers, and driving, of any standard, can be an emotive subject.

I think Haydn was surprised by a couple of the “hands in the air” polls of our members – more than average of the members attending thought they were average drivers (which sounds like more honesty and self-awareness than he is used to), and likewise, many more than usual of those attending had already been onto further training after passing their test.

Haydn explained the three main options for advanced driving tuition and examination, and the pros and cons of each. He also explained the advantages, as one might expect, and we had a healthy debate over whether some of the suggested procedures are really a good idea or not.

The presentation was completed with a quiz, which I though was really excellent, but then I might be biased, nevertheless, it demonstrated that all present had something they could learn from the evening, as none of us scored ten out of ten.

Visit to Poole Accident Repair Centre, 29th October.

We were invited a few weeks ago to visit Poole Accident Repair Centre as they are working on both Porsche Centre Bournemouth and Porsche Centre Portsmouth's entries for the Porsche GB Restoration Competition 2015/2016. A fantastic opportunity to see the work in progress. We were met by Poole Accident Repair’s Dave Wade, Collin Philips and Louise Middleton on arrival, and given a brief but useful and light-hearted introduction to Paint and Body Repair facility. Even at this early stage their facilities were impressive to say the least, with a very well equipped lecture theatre not being the typical expectation of a car body shop! When the ethos and intense staff training was explained it made more sense. One of our members summed it up nicely, "when you see this much attention to detail on the facilities, you can be assured the work will be good". It was interesting to learn  Poole Accident Repair are only one of 15 repairers recommended by Porsche Cars Great Britain and are one of a small number of specialist aluminium repair facilities in the UK – useful for the 928 as well as some of the later models. 

This year’s Porsche Restoration GB competition is called ‘40 Year at the Front’ to celebrate the anniversary of the first front-engined Porsche, the 924 and will feature a range of front engine Porsche models. We weren't disappointed when we went through to their workshops, and in the area we were able to access, not only the 924 and 928, but a 944 they also have in for work to complete the set. Of course, their bread and butter is the newer vehicles, with many later Porsches in evidence too. We were also shown a paint booth and specialist aluminium repair facility but we were really there to see the entries for the Porsche GB Restoration Competition 2015/2016. Nick Perry, Russell Bignell and Evie Fox from Porsche Centre Bournemouth, Shane Bridle from Porsche Centre Portsmouth and the Poole Accident Repair Team answered any questions our members had before we returned upstairs to enjoy a food buffet. As we started to leave a number of our members said to the Poole Accident Repair Team “Thank you for a great evening however we hope we never have to see you with our cars in a professional sense!” Louise Middleton from Poole Accident Repair really enjoyed the evening as she was reunited with her friends from Region 26. Louise knows many of our members from her previous role working for Porsche Centre Bournemouth and has attended and appreciated many of our club events in the past. 


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