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28 Feb 2015

February monthly report

February monthly meet and skittles report

February Club Night

With our anniversary dinner only two days away, the turn-out of twenty-three members was better than expected. Before the meeting proper began, Peter Tarrant presented some exciting event ideas to the committee. Further details will be available at future meetings.

Tref opened the meeting by welcoming Andy Donovan, Mark’s brother. Andy has decided to take a break from American muscle cars, choosing to indulge in some Teutonic finesse instead - he’s got his heart set on a Cayman and I’m sure that we’ll be seeing him at some R26 events in the summer.

Next on the agenda, Karl presented the R26 anniversary apparel, with both polo and short-sleeved ‘formal’ shirts available. The price has yet to be confirmed, but with sponsorship from our friends at Porsche Centre Bournemouth, they will of course be very good value and will certainly create a tremendous impression when co-ordinated R26 members attend events this year. In addition to the ‘official’ shirts, the logos can be applied to any suitable clothing for a very reasonable cost. Speak to Karl or Maria for more details.    

Recent R26 Events

2015’s events started in February with the usual season opener, the inter-club skittles challenge between Porsche Club GB and Woolbridge Motor Club at Bloxham Village Hall. Sixteen members attended and until some bright spark decided to play a third ‘end’ we were winning. The final score was still close with the hosts winning by just three points – I blame the date, Friday the 13th! Star R26 player was Maria with a ‘stick-‘em-up 13’ (Geoff’s words), the food was well received and a great evening was had by all.

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