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21 Feb 2024

March news

This month's news from your Cotswolds Region  

Sunday 3 March Breakfast run to cars and coffee
Usual time, usual place.

Wednesday 27 March Talking Porsche with Steven Shore  
Founder of Shorade, one of the largest networks of Porsche Approved bodywork centres in the UK.

Friday 29 March The Long Good Friday
A day’s road trip sampling some of the best roads we can find within the daylight hours. We’ll have a spot of lunch too.
A note from our sponsors
Have you heard? Are you aware? On the off chance that you are tone deaf or have been travelling 'sans cell’ for the last month, PCGB has launched a subgroup for ladies/girls/females/women.

And R31 of course is at its fulcrum.

Belles at play

Porsche Belles is for all Porsche enthusiasts who are not men. Not just owners but their wives, daughters, mothers, grandmothers, and granddaughters. Anyone whose pulse quickens at the thought of driving one of Zuffenhausen’s finest. Or being driven in one. Or, let’s be honest, being 'widowed’ by one.

Girls hold sway

It’s a fun women’s group with a sole aim of ensuring that women get together to have more fun in and around Porsches.

There will be exclusive events and experiences. Some are based around driving, some based around food, fashion, wellbeing, and style.

The coolest post-wedding getaway car

We've already got stuff planned and there will be more announced soon. Come and join us on the ground floor.

Sign up and join us at our @R31 Porsche Belles WhatsApp group or at @porschebelles on Instagram.
Or, if you are just curious and want to know more write to #yellowperil

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