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13 July 2024

The Old Hatchet BBQ

The early risers of us will already be familiar with a breakfast venue that’s fast becoming a regular haunt for ‘Nineteeners’. However, this time you can luxuriate a little longer in bed. Why? Well, it’s ‘BBQ Hour’ at The Old Hatchet in Ascot on Saturday, 13 July. Arrive at 12.00 for 12.30 ‘eyes-down & tuck-in’. 
You’ll get a wide selection of your favourite grilled meats (as well as sides), not to mention a girth-expanding array of puds. There is also a range of cold meats and salads if you fancy eating a little lighter in the July heat. 
As for those with a meat-free penchant you’ve a super selection of vegetarian delights for mains as well as desserts. We’ll also have access to both in-and outdoors seating (subject to the vagaries of the great British weather) and a fine range of beers and wines. 
Parking is ample and reserved for R19 so you can relax and enjoy your meaty (or meat-free) feast in the knowledge your finest will remain safe and ‘ding-free’ in the car park. 
Given the menu, venue and arrangements on offer to members we’ve been asked to find £33.00 per head which we think is fair value for a private weekend ‘barbie’ in July. 

Please book your place below.

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