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18 June 2023

Classics At The Clubhouse – Air-cooled Edition

For the purists with air-cooled cars this is a must, this year we are receiving a 20% discount on the tickets for this  event at Sandford Springs Hotel & Golf Club, A339 Kingsclere RG26 5RT on Sunday 18 June from 9am - 4pm.

The perfect blend of air-cooled classics, a stunning venue with a unique and relaxed atmosphere. 
If you have displayed before, you know how good this event is, there is also a strong chance that there will be a major exhibitor in attendance, which we will love, but can’t say anymore on that yet.

Display cars must be air-cooled, however, you can also use the code to get in as a visitor to the event.
You can expect to see Porsches, from the early 356 to the later 993, Volkswagen Beetles, Buses, Variants, Trekkers and Buggies all laid out across three fairways, greens, tees, woodland and lakesides. Whether flat-four or flat-six, painted or patina, all air-cooled cars are welcome at the event.
The event also features hand picked traders, delicious food and drink, and one of a kind awards.
We look forward to welcoming you on 18 June.
Please use the code pcgb2023 for your discounted tickets, this is the link:

For Discounted Tickets - Click HERE

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