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30 July 2022

West London Aero ClubMember event

The days of being served champagne for breakfast by ‘Samantha’ at Mach 2.0 with David Frost (Nixon not Brexit) across the aisle are sadly gone but you can rely on R19 to get close.  

Land at 9am, taxi to the apron by 9.15am, doors-to-manual and then disembark to WLAC’s club lounge for some land-side nosh by 9.30am.
Alas, there’ll be no silver-service nor free model of Concorde, but you’ll get cutlery, HP sauce and a piping-hot plateful of WLAC’s finest breakfasts. And all for the giddy sum of £12.50 per head.
It's a splendid venue and, consequently, a popular ‘R19 perennial’ where you can take-off and land home again - all before the rest of family have realised you’ve accomplished your mission and are now ready for some well-earnt R&R for the rest of Saturday. Like shopping.

Booking is always essential for this one: so stand-by-your-beds, about-turn and….wait for it….quick-march to the button below.    

West London Aero Club

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