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23 June 2023

June 23rd - R29 Thruxton Driving Day

Date: Friday 23 June 2023
Venue: Thruxton
Arrival: 9:00am
Price: £179.66 per place / member

Join Region 29 on Friday 23 June 2023 at Thruxton for an exciting Driving Day, excusively available for up to 30 participants, following the same format as our Thruxton Driving Days in 2022.
During the day, each participant will experience the ‘Skid Pan’ and either the Cayman 1-2-1, Alpine 1-2-1 or the Racing Car Experience.
Additional Thruxton Experiences, including a sideways drive with Tiff Needell, can be booked in advance or on the day for friends and family.
Group Details:
Participants will be split into two groups of 16 drivers:

  • Group 1: Skid Pan in the morning // Circuit Experience in the afternoon
  • Group 2: Circuit Experience in the morning // Skid Pan in the afternoon

The Skid Pan sessions will be "run what ya brung", with members driving their own cars
The circuit sessions you will be able to choose which track based activity from either Cayman 1-2-1, Alpine 1-2-1 or the Racing Car.
Lunch can be taken in the Thruxton Centre Cafe at personal cost, with excellent views of the circuit.

As mentioned above, attendance will be limited to 32 members, on a first come first served basis.

A Mailchimp will be issued shortly, to facilitate registration, Group selection and payment in advance for this event.

Please note that the event is only open to current PCGB members.
- Individual members can register and pay for one place.
- Joint members will need to log in separately to register and make two separate payments. 
There are only 32 places available, 16 within each group, when you register and make payment, you will receive a confirmation from PCGB, which confirms your place.
The approximate timings for the day are:

  • Arrive at 9am
  • Morning skid pan participants to be at the skid pan by 9:30am
  • Morning track participants briefing at 9:50am
  • Lunch between 12:30pm and 1:30pm
  • Afternoon skid pan participants to be at the skid pan by 1:30pm
  • Afternoon track participants briefing at 1:40pm
  • Day finishes around 4:30pm

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