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18 - 21 August 2022

The British Motor Show

Tired of the Festival of Speed? Eyebrows raised by huge entrance fees? Bored with watching Top Gear? Miss the ‘Motor Show’ but not the NEC? Then what you need is a PCGB ticket to the British Motor Show at Farnborough: a value-for-money amalgam of the above. 
It’s a venue where an entire nuclear family can enter without breaking a fifty-quid note (or half a tank of unleaded…).

You get a Live Stage hosted by people who really know about cars, proper stands with most of the world’s manufacturers who are mindful of ‘show fees’ and want to deliver value for money, tons of activities for the young and old, hi-tech driving sims, Caterham’s Drift School, an under-17 driving academy, modified race cars, classic car enclosures, supercars clubs, modern and retro electric car zones, test drives and ‘Sporting Bears’ charity rides. And all with the chance of bumping into a motoring or motorsport-related celebrity - without an ex-cricketer in sight. And much, much more. 

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