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01 Oct 2023

Photos by Ed Pike

R20 Escape - Surrey Hills

News from our sixth 'R20 Escape' of 2023, invading the Surrey Hills

With blue skies and sunshine, it was a perfect day for the London Region to get out and drive. Leaving our secret (not in Cobham) start location we headed south to the hills in outlaw raiding formation, why you ask, because we can!

After some spirited early morning exercise, it was time to have a brief pitstop to refuel not the cars but the drivers before heading east to find more twisting B-roads that our Porsches love.

After some of our best stolen roads it was finally time to stop and leave our cars cooling off whilst we headed to an Oxted pub for a well-earned Sunday Roast.

Next up in London, ‘Sunday 'inn' the city’ on Sunday, 15 October from 8:30am.

See you out on the road – Nick & Ed

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