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12 Oct 2023

Photos by Ed Pike

London OPP (Other Peoples Porsche)

Magnus Walker takes a drive around London in our historic race car

It's not everyday that Magnus Walker shoots a movie in our hometown. For nearly 5 hours he drove past some of the iconic London landmarks and a few where you wouldn't expect an old 911 could or should go, the end result is below. But as is usual with our adventures with Magnus there's always a back story!

It might look easy, but the shoot came together in less than a week with us and the right car all in the wrong place. Throw in Goodwood Festival of Speed and a storm with a name running interference in-between.

We were struggling to find a film crew, but Magnus nailed that one with a shoutout on Instagram. Our next problem was the routing as driving in London has got less car friendly since the last time he drove here.

Google Maps and some rough ideas then a walk around some bits we were unsure of, and we were all set, or so we thought!

A quick check in with Magnus the late on Saturday night, 'The film guys do have transport, don't they?' 'Let me check'. About 20 minutes later Magnus called back 'No they don't'. Now there was a panic in the house as we sold our 'sensible' Cayenne years ago. It was now 9:30pm and we were running out of options. 'Leave it with us' Magnus was told.

Nick searched the internet, Avis nothing Hertz nothing but up popped Sixt at Heathrow Airport, and we were sorted, at least on paper.

We will spare you the drama of collecting the car, but it was past midnight by the time we were home. So, to bed and alarm clocks set for 4:30am, exhausted.

Leaving our house we made it to our start location 'Smithfield Market'; everyone had made it and Magnus was raring to go. Our film crew a biker with a pillion passenger with a steady cam, Ed now roped in as 'route captain', equipment carrier, catering and everything else plus a stills' camera guy in the back of our rental.

The shoot itself was a lot of fun with some belly laugh 'outlaw moments' that are difficult to explain. But the funniest moment that most did not see was taking our race car into Borough Market; leave the gate open and what do you expect, it was an invitation, obviously.

We wrapped at 10am with a drop into our Sunday 'inn' the city meet a little later than expected, but Magnus was on point working the crowd. We were exhausted and there was still a rental car to lose.

We hope you enjoy watching OPP as much as we enjoyed making it.

Next up in London, ‘Sunday 'inn' the city’ on Sunday, 15 October from 8:30am.

See you out on the road – Nick & Ed

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