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12 Nov 2017

Autumn Break 2017 - Not Quite IOW

News from the R20 Autumn Break to Belgium

It was ‘Keep calm and carry on’ that set the tone for our Autumn break to Belgium. After receiving an SMS from Eurotunnel warning of serious delays and offers of refunds. With no queues at the check-in and a mere 10-minute delay we were left wondering what all the fuss was about.

For the next day and a half, the themes were, chocolate, Porsche curves, local Gin (but only after the Porsches were put to bed), more chocolate, a little sleep, more Porsche curves and to round off the weekend more chocolate.

What did we learn? Don’t believe what you hear about trains, our secret underground carpark in Bruges is still secret, our new riverside hotel is a keeper, and you can’t eat too much Belgian chocolate.

See you out on the road - Nick & Ed

Photos from our Autumn Break to Belgium

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