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28 May 2017

Photos by Ed Pike

London Landmarks with Magnus Walker 2017

News from our sixth R20 'Sunday Escape' of 2017, London Landmarks with our sepecial guest Magnus Walker

What do you do when the Urban Outlaw on tour has cabin fever’? That’s an easy answer for those that are Magnus Walker fans, #getoutanddrive! From a social media post and an email, the Porsche Club GB London Region alerted the ‘Firm’ and a drive was on.

6 am pickup was the message to Magnus your Uber a 3.2 Carrera driven by ‘Beaky’ of ‘Captain Chaos’ fame!

A welcoming committee of old and new Porsches greeted Magnus at the secret Chelsea start point. A quick hello and we were off, our aim to beat the bus lane restrictions on the bridge of ‘Urban Outlaw’ fame. We did not disappoint even after a forced ‘ring of steel’ diversion.

What welcomed us on the bridge was a stunning sunrise backdropped by those iconic London Landmarks, a foreground of Germany’s finest plus our special guest, who by now was recovering from that fever.

To make sure the fever was really gone we headed off around 40 of London’s very best landmarks stopping only briefly so that Magnus could jump cars and make another fan feel special. One of those moments they’ll remember for a very long time.

With the drive over, and as Notting Hill woke up we rumbled into our breakfast stop location, ‘Porschebello’ Road.

As we all tucked into our Full English we soon realised that Magnus has the ‘fever’ really bad. The only known cure is to own one of every sports car Porsche has ever produced, amazing challenge but then you realise he’s well on his way. Stories traded and breakfast over it was time to say our goodbyes, until tomorrow that is, with Porsche Night at Ace Cafe London, next on everyone’s agenda.

Magnus, we’re glad we fixed your ‘fever’ if only briefly. We loved sharing London with you, keep dreaming Magnus as dreams sometimes come true.

See ya the Ace - Nick & Ed

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