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09 Apr 2017

Photos by Ed Pike

Spring Break 2017 - Clogs & Curves - Day 2

News from day two of the R20 Spring break to Holland

As the sun rose above the hotel we knew it was going to be a special day. Dykes and dams were the main theme, with a good dollop of windmills, canals and cobble streets thrown in for good measure. Leaving our hotel, we went island hopping, Porsche style, this involved avoiding the main roads for the ones our Porsches really enjoy. After some ‘spirited’ fun we ended up on the Nordseestrand for the mandatory display line photo.

Leaving the Zeeland islands for the last time the tunnel echoed to the sounds of sports exhausts at full throttle. Jogging south we had one last bite of Holland with a lunch stop at the tranquil town of Zierikzee before the last sprint to the train. A fantastic weekend, made the more special by perfect weather and 20 of our Porsche Club GB London friends.

Photos from our Spring Break to Holland

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