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26 Apr 2015

Photos by Ed Pike

R20 Spring Break - Zeeland Adventures 2015

News from the R20 Spring Break to Zeeland

Sweeping tree-lined avenues and open skies; the near-empty roads of Zeeland were our playground for the weekend, with breaks in picturesque local towns that time has forgotten.  You are never far from the sea when traversing the islands of Zeeland and we took the benefit of some late afternoon sunshine to enjoy some top down driving before settling into the boardwalk cafe for a well earned cold beer.  

A misty start to Sunday ‘fogged-out’ our photo-opportunity on the Nordzeestrand, but nothing could dent our enthusiasm and we were soon enjoying more empty avenues with their sweeping bends and long straights.  The 6.6km of the Western Scheldt tunnel was a delight for those with sports exhausts, their roars sounding like a symphony, well worth the 5 Euro toll fee.  Few Brits make it to the Islands, but with separate cycle lanes alongside most roads, we will certainly return.

Photos from the R20 Spring Break to Zeeland

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