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Fatboy's Diner March 2015

"It doesn't exist" explained Bob as we admired his 964 Turbo Cab, recently imported from California.  It was the car that allegedly Porsche never built, yet here we are looking at one on a chilly Saturday lunchtime at the diner.  With grey skies overhead Denis's modified 912 gave a splash of colour, which was then turbocharged by Jon and Jane's Racing Yellow 981 Cayman.  With the 912 standing next to a stunning white 997.2 GT3 the 911 lineage can clearly be seen.  

The Boxster's were out in force with roofs down and woolly hats on.  Ron's modified 997 has gained a GT3 front end since we last saw it giving a low slung menacing look, it is getting more difficult to remember what his original car was. Red always looks great in Ed's pictures and both James and Suzanne's 997 Turbo and Larry's 991 GT3 turned up to oblige.  Time flies as great conversation flows and before we knew it, it was time to go home. 
A good day had by all.

Fatboy's Diner March 2015 Gallery

Photos from the March meet at the diner

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