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9 August 2023

R20 ‘On Tour’ - Summer Cruise

In response to the London members we will be taking the regular R20 meet ‘On Tour’. We are checking out a number of different venues, so that we can be more accessible to you, our regions members.

Some will be easier for the cars, especially when we have those lovely long summer evenings, others may include R20 dinners and activities.

To make the most of the long summer evening, our August 'On Tour' event takes us on a cruise out of London.

Booking not open, please check back later

If you would like more information, please email us at:

Drive signup FAQs:

  • Most drives will open for booking 3–5 weeks before the event.
  • Drives are member and Porsche only.
  • Only one place (Porsche) can be booked per membership.
  • You can only be signed up to one drive at a time. As soon as a drive is complete, you may sign up for another open drive.
  • Some drives will have waitlists.
  •  don't send out reminders that an event is open for booking.

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