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17 November 2019

Monthly Meet - Out East

Our monthly 3rd Sunday FREE Porsche breakfast meet on Fish Island right in the heart of East London.

Our location meets all of R20’s exacting requirements of Space, Soul and Coffee. This spot delivers on all three, as we head to oh-so-trendy East London, with an artsy-café, plenty of free parking and the most amazing photographic backdrop. During the week it is home to craft breweries, artists, and upcoming designers, at the weekend it is a place to relax with quiet streets and coffee watching the river flow past.

To offer you a choice of eating options and cope with the ever-increasing size of our meet, in addition to our friends at the Stour Space Café, Formans Restaurant on the corner of Stour road will be open for breakfast.

For the latest 'Porsche Club' breakfast menu at Formans Restaurant:

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So, come along and hang out with fellow Porsche enthusiasts at our East London home on Beachy Road, E3 2NS (Out East) from 8:30am (Café and restaurant open at 9am).

For a video about our 'Out East' meet:

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and for photos from a previous month's meet:

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