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Knockhill trackday - Call for Interest

11 May 2020

Update: Thanks to everyone who registered their interest and showed support for this event - there is now an official booking page. Click here

You may have noticed that there is no Knockhilltrack day planned on the Porsche Club Motorsport calendar for 2020.  

We have petitioned the Club's Motorsport team to rethink the inclusion of Knockhill in the 2020 calendar. After much discussion and looking at the last few available days at the track, an offer has been made to run a Porsche Club GB track day at Knockhill on Monday 11 May.

For the first time in several years, the club will bring the financing of this event fully in house which means laying down a substantial fee to book the track. In order to make it viable, we will have 50 full day spaces priced at £220 per car.

While a Monday may not be ideal, we believe that from the 1000 members in Regions 1 and 2 it must be possible to fill the 50 spaces being offered, to make the day work.

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